The Carolina International Executive Committee was formed to build a world class eventing competition in the Sandhills of North Carolina. Leveraging local and national expertise and leadership, we continue to deliver an outstanding weekend of horse sport and entertainment for riders, owners, grooms, spectators, patrons and sponsors.

Our Objectives are:

  • Outstanding mangement in the planning and execution of all aspects of the competition
  • Utilization of key metrics and measurable outcomes to guide our future management decisions
  • Increased exposure and growth of the sport
  • Safety of all athletes 
  • Innovation
  • Exceptional land management and stewardship

Carolina International Executive Committee:

Marc Donovan
Will Faudree
Gwen Parkins
Doug Payne
Bryan Rosenberg
Audrey Wiggins
Lefreda Williams

Experience Heads:

Equine Welfare - Jayne Daniel
Exhibitor Experience - Susan Beebee
Owner Experience - Judy Smith
Spectator Experience - Daryl Kinney
Volunteer Experience - Heidi Grimm-Powell
Vendor Experience - Shannon Habenicht
Donor/Sponsor Experience - Shannon Habenicht


Event Management - Marc Donovan
Event Director - Marc Donovan
Assistant to the Event Director - Cheryl Davis
Event Secretaries - Sharyn Antico and Rick Dunkerton
Contracts - Gwen Parkins and Bryan Rosenberg
Officials' Concierge - Judy Smith
Competiton Schedule - Marc Donovan
Crew/Arena Management - Cheryl Davis

Dressage Coordinator - Margaret Crevar

Cross Country Coordinator - Sarah Getchell
Cross Country Facilitator - Paula Colt
Cross Country Course Design - Ian Stark and Beth Perkins
Cross Country Painters - Laurie Rose, Nancy Rose, Ellen Williams and Lefreda Williams
Cross Country Decorations - Janine McClain
Jump Builders - Tyson Rementer, Levi Ryckewaert and Jamie Gornall

Show Jumping Coordinator - Marc Donovan
Show Jumping Facilitator - Margaret Crevar
Show Jumping Course Designer - Marc Donovan
Show Jumping Build - Cheryl Davis
Show Jumping Warm-up - Denise Jones
Course Plan/Decorations - Cheryl Davis and Crew
Jumps By - Brody Robertson

Credentials - Gwen Parkins

Hospitality - Audrey Wiggins
Assistant to Hospitality - Rose George
Owners' Hospitality - Audrey Wiggins and Gwen Parkins
Exhibitors' Hospitality - Kelly Valdes
Volunteer Hospitality - Rose George
Tent Decorations - Nikki Lienhard, Linda Wiggins, Leni Harubin, Shannon Habenicht, Gwen Parkins
                               and Crew

Sponsorships - Shannon Habenicht
Posters - Shannon Habenicht and Susan Watson
Sponsor Banners - Nancy Rose
Sponsor Show Jumping Signage - Shannon Habernicht

Stable Management - Vicki Reynolds
Stall Assignments - Sharyn Antico
Utilities - Vicki Reynolds
Signage - Vicki Reynolds
Night Guard - Vicki Reynolds
Parking - Rachel Thompson

Logistics - Gay Bray

Volunteer Coordinator - Maggie Cline

Vendor Coordinator - Shannon Habenicht
Vendor Location Assignments - Shannon Habenicht and Gay Bray
Vendor Contact - Shannon Habenicht

Media Coordinator - Holly Hudspeth
Live Stream Coordinator - Holly Hudspeth 
A/V Equipment - Helen Murray
Social Media - Shannon Habenicht
Press Releases - Sally Spickard 
Press CredentialsSally Spickard 

Logo Wear - Shannon Habenicht, Gwen Parkins and Jean Moore
Committee Swag - Gwen Parkins
Officials' Swag - Gwen Parkins
Rider Swag - Betsy van Gemeren
Volunteer Swag - Maggie Cline
CI Sales Swag - Gwen Parkins, Shannon Habenicht and Jean Moore

Event Information - Leni Harubin 
Website - Leni Harubin
Event Center App - Leni Harubin
Orders of Go - Sharyn Antico and Leni Harubin

Grounds/Facility Management - Cheryl Davis
Signage - Lefreda Williams
Gallop Lane Roping - Lefreda Williams
Ground Prep - Rod Lynch and Knowlbrook Farms Inc.
Electrical - Ed Bauer

Finance Management - Bryan Rosenberg and Irina Shkylar

Safety Officer - Amie Collins
Assistant Safety Officer - Jessica Brown
Parking - Rachael Thompson and Cheryl Davis
Road Crossing - TBD

Awards - Joan Hilsman
Awards Assistants - Letty Baker, Ellen Bradford and Charlotte Donovan

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The Carolina Horse Park  |  2814 Montrose Road  Raeford, NC 28376  |  Telephone: 910-875-2074